Puppy Grooming

It is important that you introduce your puppy to brushing and the professional grooming environment from a very young age.

We will gently guide your puppy so they learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something they should fear, your new best friend will be encouraged to have a look round, sit on the table have a gentle brush, a peek in the bath listen to the sound of the tools and enjoy a treat or two. these visits are FREE and always made fun with lots of cuddles and find the treat games This can be done over a few visits

What is experienced during these short visits will be remembered for life.

We do not charge for these visits.


Hand-stripping is a grooming procedure that styles and shapes the coat by removing the dead hair by hand. It is recommended on wire-haired dogs such as Border terrier. This is ideal for those wanting to achieve a breed standard characteristic.
Not all dog’s coats are suitable for hand-stripping. We can discuss this prior to your dog’s groom. It is a much longer process and therefore the grooming fees reflect this.


Many breeds are prone to matting and require daily brushing as a preventative measure. de-matting is very painful and uncomfortable for your dog. Please be mindful that a clip down is advised for matted dogs. We will always seek your consent before clipping down your dog and explain how to avoid this in future. We want to work with you to achieve your ideal pet trim. This may take more than one grooming session.